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Our Story,
Our Journey

At Talking Ship, we're not just launching a service; we're embarking on a mission shaped by over a decade of expertise and firsthand experiences in e-commerce and partnership sectors. Founded on the principle of '1% Plus', our agency was born out of a need to fill critical gaps in the market—especially in shipping and partnerships—areas where many e-commerce brands struggle yet have tremendous potential for growth.

Our journey is new but aspirational, formed form our founder's venture into starting an e-commerce brand, an endeavour that brought to light the overwhelming challenges and the scarcity of actionable information in the industry. This experience, combined with a seasoned background in fulfilment and partnerships, revealed a clear path for Talking Ship: to provide strategic, actionable guidance that turns obstacles into opportunities for our clients.

Our Why

Talking Ship is driven by more than just business success; we are motivated by a deep-seated philosophy of continual personal and professional betterment. Our '1% Plus' ethos is not just a business model—it's a way of life that our founder passionately applies in every aspect, from addressing mental health challenges to nurturing sustainable business practices. We believe that by embracing this philosophy, we can inspire our clients and ourselves to achieve more, with each small step contributing to significant, lasting impacts.

Our mission is clear: to guide emerging and established e-commerce brands through the complexities of shipping and strategic partnerships. By offering tailored strategy, advisory, and consultancy services, we aim to transform potential into excellence. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate their paths to success with confidence and innovation, ensuring they not only meet but exceed their diverse business goals.

Our Values

Central to our approach is our commitment to the '1% Plus' value. This guiding principle challenges us and our clients to continuously seek improvement, fostering a culture of progress and positivity that extends beyond business into every aspect of life. By consistently aiming to be one percent better, we cultivate an environment where small changes lead to big differences, setting new standards in the e-commerce industry.

Our Chief Ship Talker

Joshua Haines, founder of Talking Ship, is dedicated to revolutionising the e-commerce industry with the '1% Plus' philosophy. His vision is clear: to lead the industry in community building, partnerships, sustainability, and genuine diversity and inclusion. These are not just buzzwords for Josh; they are principles he integrates deeply into his professional practices.

With over ten years of experience in partnership roles across the Asia-Pacific region for leading logistics and fulfilment companies like ShipBob and Auctane, Josh brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His expertise in shipping solutions and partnership management is foundational to Talking Ship's mission.

Joshua's personal journey in building his own brand, Unity Scents, provides him with a unique perspective on the challenges faced by e-commerce entrepreneurs. This experience makes him not just an advisor but a peer who has walked the path he guides others on.

Committed to supporting underrepresented groups, including the neurodivergent and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, Joshua is an advocate for inclusive growth and success in the e-commerce sector. His approach goes beyond mere business consulting, focusing on creating environments where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Known for his dynamic communication style, Joshua delivers insights with enthusiasm and clarity. Whether he’s detailing complex logistics strategies or sharing motivational advice, he's focused on helping e-commerce brands grow '1% Plus' better every day.

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