We love strategy and business development in all aspects of an ecommerce business. Whilst below touches on some of our other strengths we have, we also can work with brands to flesh out ideas, assess feasibility and much much more. Our investigation and problem solving skills are one of our biggest strengths. Reach out to see if we can strategise & advise on other parts of your business to make ship happen a be 1% better.




Businesses often love these buzzwords and jump on bandwagon of trends for publicity and branding purposes. For us we go beyond this and beyond what may be the buzzword of the time to identify strategies that include everyone. To us DE&I is about understanding, acknowledgement, opportunities, respect & resilience. We provide advisory and strategic services that leave you feeling great.

Going Global

Going Global can be difficult to manage, we can assist you with strategies to steer you on the right course based on your business needs. Identifying what steps you need to take to launch globally.

Artificial Intelligence

We love Ai at Talking Ship and have been using it before it became the newest buzz word. Now we won’t claim to be full blown experts but we can show you how we have used it in the most efficient ways from data analysis, code writing, competitive analysis and more. We aim to provide you with advisory services and will even help you get started with it.

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